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Meadows: “Western North Carolina Deserves a U.S. Representative Who Will Defend Our Conservative, North Carolina Values.”

CASHIERS, NC (October 3, 2011) – Jackson County businessman, real estate investor and long time GOP delegate Mark Meadows announced today he is running for the U.S. N.C. District 11 Congressional seat currently held by Democrat Heath Shuler. Meadows, 52, made the announcement during a gathering of Jackson County Republican supporters, business and community leaders, family and friends in Cashiers.

Meadows told the group he got involved in politics as a Republican Party precinct chair in 1988, and has since served as a precinct judge, Macon County Republican Party Chairman and also serves as a member of the Republican Party Executive Committee on both the state and local levels. Meadows has been a delegate to both the N.C. and national Republican conventions.

“If the good people of Western North Carolina give me the opportunity to serve them in the U.S. Congress” said Meadows, “I promise to fight for spending cuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment, I will promote new job creation by voting for lower taxes and free and fair trade market policies, I will work for the repeal of Obamacare, and I will work to improve our education system, for all public, charter and home school students, by returning decision-making and funding to the local level.”

Meadows said he would work in Congress to:
- Reduce government regulations
- Reduce taxes to spur job creation
- Provide for accelerated depreciation write off for all new business investments to spur economic development

Meadows is a fiscal and social conservative who has served on numerous boards and was recently appointed to the State Board for Economic Development in Western North Carolina, because of his expertise in business and creating jobs. He also serves on the board of directors for Gilliam’s Promise, a non-profit group that was founded to provide leadership training and scholarships for students who stay off drugs. Mark’s involvement as the founding member of the Macon County Preservation society, provided efforts where a group of local volunteers worked together with the county to save a historical, one room school house and preserve a vital piece of mountain heritage.

Meadows is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights and describes himself as a Christian Conservative and a champion of  “Life, Liberty, and Lower Taxes.”

A successful small businessman, Mark Meadows has spent his career creating new jobs and opportunities for economic development in Western North Carolina. Mark and his Wife, Debbie, reside in Jackson County, with their two children, who are both currently in college. The Meadows have been actively involved for 25 years at their church, Community Bible Church, where Mark serves as an elder.

Meadows is supported by numerous County Sheriffs in U.S. N.C District 11 and other elected officials throughout North Carolina. Find out more about Mark Meadows by visiting Mark Meadows for Congress at and follow Mark on Facebook at Mark Meadows for US Congress.

For more information contact:
Deborah Potter, Press Secretary, Mark Meadows for Congress